Veterinary Medications

Your Best Friends Deserve the Best Care

Imagine that it is time to give your pet an antibiotic to treat an ear infection.  The medication tastes horrible and most of it ends up everywhere except in your pet’s mouth.

You have been trying to give your cat a tablet for hypothyroidism.  You believe that it has been swallowed, only to discover the same tablet under the dining room table two hours later.

Your pet’s correct dosage requires that you split a pill into four portions.  After completely crushing a number of pills, you make your best guess at the intended dosage.

Does this sound familiar?

These situations are not only frustrating and time-consuming, but they are potentially harmful.  Medication compliance plays a major role in any treatment regime, but is particularly true in the treatment of animals.  Only by taking medication correctly can your pet be restored to health. 

Ballard Plaza Pharmacy is able to transform many medications into palatable solutions, as well as customized dosages.  Medicine that tastes good and, consequently, happy, healthy pets – that’s a good thing for both of you!