Sterile Compounding

Ballard Plaza Pharmacy carefully follows the guidelines outlined by the United States Pharmacopeia’s Chapter <797> for the compounding of sterile pharmaceuticals. Both government and independent agencies have performed detailed inspections of our facilities to ensure compliance with the necessary regulations to keep our patients safe.

Sterile medications are prepared in our clean room in a Class 100, (1505) [ISO 5] NuAire 301-430 Laminar Flow Hood. Our clean room and hood are routinely tested and certified.
Additionally, all pharmacists and technicians preparing sterile medications have extensive training and certification from PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America).

Ballard Plaza Pharmacy only uses pharmaceuticals from FDA approved facilities to provide safe, high-quality preparations. Compounded medications are frequently tested by an independent laboratory for potency, endotoxins and sterility. We also monitor our clean room for environmental microbiological factors, temperature, humidity, and particle count. When you receive a compounded sterile medication from Ballard Plaza Pharmacy you can be confident that every possible step and precaution has been taken to assure patient safety.